Stationary validator, for floor or wall installation, either inside or outside.

The TC05-S02 stationary validator is designed to validate Swiss multiple-journey cards in UTP format, for 6 or 12 trips.

The TC05-S02 stationary validator operates autonomously. It is possible to read its operating data or configure it, without opening it up, by means of a laptop PC and a wireless link.

UTP format multiple-journey card

The TC05-S02 stationary validator is designed to validate Swiss multiple-journey cards (CMC) in UTP format, for 6 or 12 trips, with thickness ranging from 120 to 350 g/m2.

On request, TC05 validators can be configured to accept other multiple-journey ticket or card formats.


The slot of the TC05-S02 stationary validator is designed to facilitate insertion of multiple-journey cards.

A green or red indicator light tells the users the operating status of the machine.

Sensors detect card insertion, and check card orientation before validating.

Original design

The TC05-S02 stationary validator has a sober, harmonious design, created by SADAMEL and adopted by Swiss Federal Railways (CFF/SBB/FFS).

Vandalism resistance

The casing of the TC05-S02 stationary validator is protected by an anti-graffiti lacquer, thereby providing very good resistance to minor vandalism.


The casing is made from thermo-lacquered stainless steel, ensuring optimum resistance to attack from the climate and corrosion.

Multiple installation options

The TC05-S02 stationary validator is available with a straight base, for ground installation, or with an elbow-shaped base, for wall installation.

The TC05-S02 stationary validator can also be installed on an old EN4300 validator base.

Operating and maintenance help

A PC-based service software with wireless link (IrDA) can be used to monitor TC05 validators without having to open them up or remove them from their supports.

Service personnel can easily: look up the cycle counters, request a diagnostic, control test functions, program and configure the validators…


  • Validating cards in UTP format
  • Adjustment for 6 or 12-trip cards
  • Card orientation check
  • Printing automatically adapted to paper thickness
  • Red/green status indicator light
  • Slot protected against liquid insertion


  • Autonomous or RS485 interface
  • IrDA wireless service interface
  • 230V or 24V power supply
  • Impact printer, 23/28 characters
  • OCR character font
  • Maintenance-free cutting device
  • LED lighting
  • Dimensions (H x L x D): 375 x 200 x 205 mm

Accessories / Options

  • Straight base for floor mounting
  • Elbow-shaped base for wall mounting
  • 230V power supply module
  • Anti-graffiti lacquer
  • PC-based service software