Payment solutions

High-performance, compact and modular solutions for performing coin payment and change functions in your automatic vending equipment.

Enabling your customers to pay in coins requires high-performance, reliable solutions. SADAMEL offers compact and modular coin handling systems, with easy integrability, and providing an excellent security level, particularly suitable for automatic vending equipment intended for railways, metros and bus operators.

Integrated solutions

SADAMEL offers perfectly integrated and modular OEM solutions for performing the coin payment, recycling and change functions.

As required, SADAMEL coin handling systems may comprise: ● a coin checking and recycling module, with 4 recycling cassettes (CR4 recycler) or 6 recycling cassettes (CR6 recycler), ● a secure cashbox module, ● a compact format rack able to house 4 additional coin hoppers (CSR31 rack), also available in expanded format (CSR31X rack).

Flexible and upgradeable

SADAMEL coin handling systems automatically detect the type of coins assigned to the recycling cassettes and to the coin hoppers inserted by the operator, and adapt their management to the configuration in place.

At any time, the operator can change the type of coin that they wish to recycle in a cassette, without any hardware modification.

A rack can be added above the coin handling system, to house up to 4 additional coin hoppers, and increase the equipment's change capacity.

CR4 recycler

Coin recycler with 4 recycling cassettes and secure end cashbox.

CR6 recycler

Coin recycler with 6 recycling cassettes and secure end cashbox.

CR4/6-CSR31 coin systems

Coin recyclers with 4/6 recycling cassettes, secure end cashbox and rack for hoppers.