"Contactless ticket" and "magnetic ticket" printers for points of sale.

CSTD01 printers are designed for dispensing electronic tickets at points of sale. CSTD01 printers separate, encode, print and automatically dispense "contactless tickets" or "magnetic tickets" in ISO format, delivered in a fanfold.

Compact and ergonomic

SADAMEL CSDT01 printers offer a compact and ergonomic solution for dispensing contactless tickets or magnetic tickets at points of sale.

Their "Tower" format casing enables them to be installed on a counter, or built into the ticket office fixtures.

The CSTD01 printer container facilitates ticket collection, and enables several tickets to be dispensed in a booklet.

Tailored to your ticketing system

CSTD01 printers are available in simple or hybrid models for dispensing magnetic tickets and contactless tickets, with or without thermal printing.

Robust and reliable

CSTD01 printers use industrial rated components, designed for intensive use and offering great reliability.

Easy to use

CSTD01 printers offer easy quick and easy access for replenishing the ticket stock.

They also offer full access to the internal mechanism for troubleshooting and servicing.

The means of access for operation and maintenance are secured by a lock and key.


  • "Contactless ticket" dispensing
  • "Magnetic ticket" dispensing
  • Simple ticket dispensing
  • Transport
  • Leisure centres


  • Tickets in ISO format (54 x 85.6 mm)
  • Magnetic tickets, ISO 2, 3 or 9 track
  • Contactless tickets, ISO 14443 type A, B, B'
  • Thermal printing
  • Stock of 1500 to 2000 tickets in a fanfold


  • RS232 and USB interfaces
  • 230/110V mains power supply
  • Dimensions (H x L x D): 501 x 160 x 501 mm