Ticket vending machines

High integration level

Depending on requirements, SADAMEL ticket vending machines offer a wide range of functions in compact form: ● dispensing or reloading contactless tickets and cards, ● dispensing magnetic tickets, ● dispensing paper ticket and receipts, ● bank card payment, with contact or contactless (NFC), ● coin and banknote payment, with recycling options and coin and banknote change return, ● local audio assistance, ● IP intercom…

Economic in the long run

SADAMEL ticket vending machines are designed to limit and facilitate operating and maintenance work. Their design employs high-performance, reliable industrial class components, for which SADAMEL provides maintenance beyond 10 years in operation.

Reliability and maintainability

SADAMEL ticket vending machines are manufactured with high-performance reliable components, suited to demanding conditions of use, both indoors and ooutdoors.

SADAMEL ticket vending machines are designed so as to simplify the maintenance operations. The main sub-assemblies concerned by maintenance may be replaced on-site, quickly and without any tools.


The stock capacities for SADAMEL ticket vending machines mean that you can schedule and space out consumable replenishment operations. Intelligent coin and banknote recycling solutions mean that you can optimise the money held in a fleet of vending machines, and reduce the cashbox replenishment and collection operations.

Theft resistance

SADAMEL ticket vending machines are designed to withstand attempted theft.

The reinforced doors are equipped with locking devices with multiple anchor points and hinges backed up by "safe" type devices.

Multiple sensors detect impacts and any deformation of the doors.

This means that attempted theft can trigger a local audible alarm, and transmit remote alarm messages.

Vandalism resistance

The casing of SADAMEL ticket vending machines are made from brushed stainless steel and thermo-lacquered steel with an anti-graffiti coating, thereby providing very good resistance to vandalism, and facilitating removal of graffiti.

SADAMEL vending machines have multiple built-in devices for withstanding vandalism: ● touchscreens with reinforced impact resistant glass, to above IK10, ● coin insertion slots with shutter and foreign body remover, ● liquid removal devices, ● locks protected by an RFID operator identification system.

Vending machines DS350

Contactless, magnetic and paper ticket vending machines.

Vending machines DS250

Compact contactless ticket vending and add value machines.