Swiss-made quality for validating your multiple-journey cards

SADAMEL multiple-journey card and ticket validators use a precise and reliable Swiss quality cutting device, which is maintenance free, and designed based on the more than 30 years' experience acquired by SADAMEL in manufacturing ticket validators for the transport market.


The slot on SADAMEL validators is designed for ease of insertion of multiple-journey cards.

A green or red indicator light tells the users the operating status of the machine.

Sensors detect card insertion, and check card orientation before validating.

Mobile, stationary or integrated

SADAMEL validators are available as mobile versions, for bus, tram or train, and as stationary versions for ground or wall installation.

SADAMEL validators can also be supplied in an "open frame" version, to be integrated inside vending machines or other station equipment.

UTP format multiple-journey card

The SADAMEL TC05 validator range is designed for validating Swiss multiple-journey cards in UTP format, of 6 or 12 trips.

On request, TC05 validators can be configured to accept other multiple-journey ticket or card formats.

Precise and reliable

SADAMEL validators use a robust and reliable validating mechanism, with a lifetime in excess of 5 million cycles.

Among other things, this mechanism adapts automatically to the thickness of the paper, and ensures quality printing of 120 to 350 g/m2 tickets or cards.

Operating and maintenance help

SADAMEL validators constantly monitor the operation of their internal components, and store a variety of information relating to operation and maintenance.

A PC-based service software with wireless link (IrDA) can be used to monitor TC05 validators without having to open them up or remove them from their supports.

Service personnel can easily: look up the cycle counters, request a diagnostic, control test functions, program and configure the validators…

TC05-M01 Mobile

Mobile validators for buses, trams or trains.

TC05-S02 Stationary

Stationary validators for ground or wall installation.

TC05-OEM Integrated

"Open frame" validators for integration into other equipment.