Experience and skills

SADAMEL has been operating in the fields of design and manufacture of ticketing equipment for public transport and lotteries since 1955.

Located in Switzerland, in the cradle of the watchmaking and microtechnology industry, SADAMEL has made a success of supporting the technological developments of the ticketing sector, from designing the first electro-mechanical devices to implementing the latest technologies such as "contactless" electronic ticketing.

Today, by virtue of its long experience in the field of ticketing and self-service vending, SADAMEL is the supplier to key market players for technological equipment such as ticket vending machines, self-service terminals and cash payment systems.


Quality is not an aim, it is the starting point for all our projects. Understanding the needs of our customers, seeking high-performance solutions, creating high-quality competitive products and supporting our customers throughout the lifetime of our products are the guarantees for our success.

SADAMEL has an integrated quality management system, certified since 2002 as per standard ISO 9001:2008 (registration number no.14775).

Respect for the environment

Environmental protection is a natural part of the culture of our region, our company and our staff. Our actions demonstrate our respect for the environment, both at SADAMEL and in our everyday lives.

Beyond complying with the regulations, such as REACH and RoHS, SADAMEL favours use of recyclable materials, and designs reliable equipment, with a guaranteed lifetime of more than 10 years.


SADAMEL is a member of the following associations: UTP - Swiss Union of Public Transport ● SWISSMEM - Swiss association of mechanical and electrical engineering industries ● CNCI - Neuchâtel Chamber of Commerce and Industry.