Payment solutions


SADAMEL CR recycler with coin acceptor, 4 recycling cassettes and secure end cashbox.

The SADAMEL CR range of coin recyclers is designed for automatic vending applications requiring security, high performance, optimum availability and low maintenance costs.

The CR4 model enables payment with 16 different types of coin, as well as recycling and change return with 4 different types of coin, all freely configurable on-site by the operator.


SADAMEL CR recyclers store the coins in 4 or 6 recycling cassettes and in an end cashbox, all secured by keys.

Each cassette and cashbox is equipped with an electronic identification device, and can be software tracked.

At any time, SADAMEL CR recyclers can physically count the number of coins stored in the recycling cassettes, thus ensuring the operators reliable management of the money stored at its points of sale.

Handling attempted fraud

SADAMEL CR recyclers store the coins on the LIFO principle (Last In, First Out), thus ensuring that the coins inserted by the customer are those returned in case of cancellation.

New parameters can be remotely uploaded to combat attempted fraud by means of counterfeiting or foreign coins.


SADAMEL CR recyclers automatically detect the types of coin assigned to the recycling cassettes inserted by the operator, and adapt their management to the configuration in place.

At any time, the operator can change the type of coin that they wish to recycle in a cassette, without any hardware modification.


SADAMEL CR recyclers are highly reliable, and are easy to maintain.

Most conventional problems and minor vandalism (coin jams, insertion of foreign bodies) are resolved automatically.

All the sub-modules are interchangeable on-site, without the need for tools.

SADAMEL CR recyclers constantly monitor the operation of their internal components, and communicate a variety of information relating to operation and maintenance.

Simplified integration

SADAMEL CR recyclers are highly compact, and can be built into a small space, with mounting points accessible via the front.

All of the functions, coin acceptance, recycling, return and collection, are controlled via a single control interface, which also integrates all the functions required for operation and maintenance.

SADAMEL CR recyclers enable the final cashbox to be removed via the front or rear of the equipment.


  • Insertion slot with status LED
  • Insertion slot shutter
  • Removal of foreign bodies
  • LIFO (Last In First Out) recycling
  • Physical counting of recycled coins
  • Escrow of non-recycled coins
  • Electronic identification of cashboxes and recycling cassettes


  • Accepts international currencies
  • Accepts 16 types of coin
  • Accepts 2 coins in 0.3 seconds
  • Recycles 4 x 102 coins
  • Pre-collects 25 coins
  • Returns 2.5 coins per second
  • 5-litre end cashbox


  • USB or RS232 interfaces
  • USB service interface on front face
  • 24VDC power supply
  • Dimensions (H x L x D): 727 x 224 x 389 mm
  • Front or rear access to end cashbox
  • Interfaces ready for integration of coin hoppers in the upper part