Payment solutions


SADAMEL CSR4 racks for CS secure auxiliary coin hoppers.

The SADAMEL range of CSR racks and CS coin hoppers is designed for automatic vending applications requiring compact, modular and secure solutions for change return.

The CSR4 models are freely configurable, and enable the change to be returned via 1, 2, 3 or 4 removable coin hoppers.


The CS coin hoppers are secure metal cassettes, designed to be transported and installed in the CSR rack, at points of sale, while preventing access to the money.

The opening of the CSR rack and access to the coin hoppers are protected by a lock and key.

The opening of the CS hoppers and access to the coins are protected by a lock and differentiated key.

Each coin hopper is equipped with an electronic identification device, and can be software tracked.


The racks and coin hoppers are available in CSR/CS standard version, with a capacity of 400 to 800 coins per hopper, and in the CSRX/CSX expanded version, with 750 to 1500 coins per hopper.


CSR racks automatically detect the types of coin assigned to the coin hoppers inserted by the operator, and adapt their management to the configuration in place.

At any time, the operator can adapt the change return capacity to requirements by modifying the number and type of coin hoppers per machine.


CSR racks and CS coin hoppers have very good reliability, and are easy to maintain.

CSR racks and CS coin hoppers constantly monitor the operation of their internal components, and communicate a variety of information relating to operation and maintenance.

Simplified integration

SADAMEL CSR racks for coin hoppers are highly compact, and can be built into a particularly small space.

CSR racks can be configured for access to the coin hoppers via the front or rear of the equipment.

The change return and hopper management functions are controlled via a single control interface, via a USB port or an RS232 port.


  • Rack secured with lock and key
  • Hoppers secured with lock and key
  • Hoppers with transport handle
  • Hoppers electronically identified


  • Accepts international currencies
  • Returns 1 to 4 types of coin
  • Rack for 1 to 4 coin hoppers
  • Standard hoppers of 400 to 800 coins
  • Expanded hoppers of 750 to 1500 coins


  • USB or RS232 interfaces
  • 24 VDC power supply
  • Dimensions:
    CSR4   (H x L x D) : 242 x 223 x 381 mm
    CSR4X (H x L x D) : 342 x 223 x 381 mm
  • Front or rear, left or right-hand access
  • Interface ready for integration with CR coin recyclers