Payment solutions

CR4/6 – CSR31

SADAMEL compact coin handling system with coin acceptor, 4 or 6 recycling cassettes, secure end cashbox and rack for 4 auxiliary coin hoppers.

SADAMEL coin handling systems with coin recycler and auxiliary coin hoppers are designed for automatic vending applications requiring compact, high-performance and secure solutions for processing coin transactions.

Models CR4-CSR31 and CR6-CSR31 enable payment with 16 different types of coin, recycling and change return with 4 or 6 different types of coin, plus change return with 3 other types of coin from auxiliary hoppers.

Integrated solutions

CR4-CSR31 and CR6-CSR31 coin handling systems integrate, in a single homogeneous peripheral: ● a coin checking and recycling module, with 4 recycling cassettes (CR4) or 6 recycling cassettes (CR6), ● a secure cashbox module, ● a compact format rack able to house 4 additional coin hoppers (CSR31 rack), also available in expanded format (CSR31X rack).


Access to the recycling cassettes, the end cashbox and the coin hoppers are all secured by locks and keys.

The opening and access to the coins inside the end cashbox and the coin hoppers are secured by locks and differentiated keys.

Each recycling cassette, cashbox and coin hopper is equipped with an electronic identification device, and can be software tracked.


CR4-CSR31 and CR6-CSR31 coin handling systems automatically detect the type of coins assigned to the recycling cassettes and to the coin hoppers inserted by the operator, and adapt their management to the configuration in place.

At any time, the operator can adapt the recycling and change return capacity by modifying the configuration of the recycling cassettes and of the coin hoppers on each machine.

Automatic loading

The rack (CSR31) also enables automatic loading of each of the recycling cassettes of the coin handling system.

This function enables the recycler to be filled automatically without access to the money, particularly when replacing a cassette or commissioning a machine.

Simplified integration

CR4-CSR31 and CR6-CSR31 coin handling systems are highly compact, and can be built into a particularly small space.

The coin handling systems can be configured to provide access to the end cashbox and the coin hoppers via the front or rear of the equipment.

All of the payment and change return functions are managed via a single control interface, which also integrates all the functions required for operation and maintenance.


  • Insertion slot with status LED
  • Insertion slot shutter
  • LIFO (Last In First Out) recycling
  • Physical counting of recycled coins
  • Secure access to cashboxes, cassettes and coin hoppers
  • Electronic identification of cashboxes, cassettes and coin hoppers


  • Accepts international currencies
  • Accepts 16 types of coin
  • Recycles 4 or 6 x 102 coins
  • Pre-collects 25 coins
  • 5-litre end cashbox
  • Rack for 1 to 4 coin hoppers
  • Standard hoppers of 400 to 800 coins
  • Expanded hoppers of 750 to 1500 coins


  • Single USB or RS232 interface
  • USB service interface on front face
  • 24VDC power supply
  • Front or rear access
  • Dimensions (H x L x D):
    CR4+CSR31 :     974 x 224 x 388 mm
    CR4+CSR31X : 1074 x 224 x 388 mm
    CR6+CSR31 :   1088 x 224 x 388 mm