Compact ticket vending machine, just 800 mm wide, offering a full range of functions, designed for use in demanding environments, both indoors and outdoors.

The DS350 is designed for vending and reloading transport tickets in bus, tram, train or metro stations.


The DS350 uses a large display with 15" touchscreen, slightly angled and in a set back housing, with the bank card payment terminal, so as to offer a protected and ergonomic environment for performing transactions.


Among other things, the DS350 is equipped with a brightness sensor, enabling it to activate the lightning and adjust the display intensity to the ambient brightness.

Electronic and conventional ticketing

Depending on requirements, the DS350 can handle electronic ticketing and conventional ticketing.

An ISO format ticket dispenser is able to encode and dispense contactless tickets and magnetic tickets.

An ISO format card dispenser is able to encode and dispense contactless cards.

The frontal contactless reader also makes it possible to consult and reload various types of media: contactless tickets, contactless cards, Smartphones (NFC).

Access for all

The DS350 is designed to facilitate access to persons with reduced mobility.

As required, the DS350 may be equipped with local audio assistance, with a help button and speakers.

The DS350 may also be equipped with a TCP/IP intercom, for assisting users from a remote centre.

Multiple payment solutions

As required, the DS350 may be equipped with a coin recycler, a banknote reader or recycler and a bank card payment terminal.

The coin recycler is able to recycle the coins inserted by customer, and return change with 4 or 6 types of coin. Change can also be returned via 1 to 4 additional coin hoppers.

The banknote recycler is able to recycle the banknote inserted by customer, and return change with 2 or 4 types of banknote.

The bank card payment terminal makes it possible to pay with debit and credit cards, as well as with contactless payment solutions (NFC).

Multiple installation solutions

The DS350 can be installed both inside and outside. Several DS350s can be installed in a bank, side-to-side and back-to-back. The DS350 can also be built into a wall, with front or rear access for changing the cashboxes.

Modular and upgradeable

The configuration of the DS350 can be adapted to requirements.

The various payment methods can be factory-fitted, or provided for subsequent installation.

A DS350 can be factory configured to dispense magnetic tickets, and then converted to contactless ticketing without any hardware adaptation.


  • Buses
  • Trams
  • Railways
  • Metros


  • Contactless ticket dispensing
  • Contactless card dispensing
  • Magnetic ticket dispensing
  • Paper ticket dispensing
  • Contactless ticket reloading
  • Contactless card reloading…

Payment methods

  • Coin payment and change
  • Banknote payment and change
  • Bank card payment
  • Contactless payment