Instant ticket vending machine ITVM-12G

With its attractive and innovative design, the ITVM-12G offers a unique solution for the sale of instant lottery tickets on a self-service basis.


Extremely compact, the ITVM-12G will easily find a visible location in busy points of sale such as bars, cafés, restaurants, petrol stations and small shops.


Very easy to use, the ITVM-12G vending machine accepts payments in coins and banknotes and allows players to select their favourite tickets using large illuminated pushbuttons.


The ITVM-12G vending machine meets the players' need for autonomy. It frees up point of sale staff and enables secure access to the lottery tickets and the content of the cashboxes.


In its standard version, the ITVM-12G vending machine operates autonomously. Operating and maintenance data can be managed directly on the device via its touchscreen.

...or connected

As an option, the ITVM-12G can be networked and remotely controlled. A central management software allows the collection of sales data and the supervision of the operation of an entire fleet of vending machines.


The ITVM-12G vending machine uses a particularly reliable separation and dispensing device, allowing the sale of tickets from 2" to 11" in length.


  • Sale of 12 types of lottery tickets
  • Coin payment
  • Banknote payment
  • Cashless payment (option)
  • Age control (option)
  • Local sales management
  • Central management (option)

Central management software

  • Sales data collection
  • Visualisation of operating data
  • Visualisation of technical data
  • Centralized parameterization
  • Remote maintenance



  • Illuminated pushbuttons: 8 x 8 cm
  • Display: 5" colour LCD
  • Acceptance of international currency
  • Lottery tickets: 2" to 4" x 2" to 11" (W x H)
  • Stocks: up to 12 x 300 fanfold tickets
  • Data interfaces: USB, LAN, WIFI
  • Size: 50 x 150 x 45 cm (W x H x D)